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Five Iron Frenzy, Vol. 2: Electric Boogaloo by Five Iron Frenzy

"I was almost ready to dismiss Five Iron Frenzy as a "has been," no longer able to make quality music since Ska has faded from the spotlight. Their last record, All the Hype That Money Can Buy, left me much less than impressed with the band's ability to overcome the death of Ska. However, on Electric Bugaloo, the ex-thrash and now ex-Ska band has reinvented their sound and, to a certain degree, their lyrical exploits. Five Iron Frenzy, always good, is now a higher quality ban far surpassing anything they've been in the past. The sound of Electric Bugaloo best fits into the broad category of alternative rock, with a punk influence mixed into the new musical style. Of course, the horns are still there and actually sound better than ever before. The songs are very catchy and do a wonderful job of sticking in your mind long after you press the stop button. "Farsighted" and "The Day We Killed" are musical favorites." -Phantom Tollbooth

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