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All the Hype That Money Can Buy by Five Iron Frenzy

It's being billed as more rock, but the band stays true to their ska roots and manages to stray stylistically--enough to keep things interesting. Five Iron has earned the reputation for being extremely silly one minute and deadly serious the next. All The Hype continues that tradition with songs on the silly end about hairdos (done in big-hair style), the state of Colorado, Larry, and the title track (which has a truthfully sarcastic edge). On the serious end, Five Iron offers plenty for the contemplative mind. Topics include homosexuality, capitalism, unity, hope, and more. Musically the album is tight. The horn section shows much improvement and the guitars are where they need to be. Five Iron also imported talented, most notably percussionist Karl Perazzo of Santana, showing their stylistic diversity." -Real Magazine

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