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Viral (EP) by Sardis

01. Solace
02. Gremlin
03. Sensational Society
04. Black Snake
05. Narcissistic Voyeur


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Gremlin (4:12)

A portrait of a frightened man
Can't you sleep? - Don't worry about me
Witness the onslaught of a mental breakdown

A hairy beast in the darkness
I thought I saw something out there
It must have been nothing, or have I gone insane?

The creature's face stares into mine
It isn't there
It isn't there!

Would you wake up and look out the window?
Wait, he is not there now
I didn't tell you before because I wasn't sure

Now I know that there are monsters
This is real
This is real!

There's a man out there!

Take this medicine

I spit out the pills
There is a pistol
I send her away
My plan is made

I open the window
The gremlin approaches me
But my aim is true
He is gone

Copyright 2019 Sardis

#3Sensational Society
#4Black Snake4:38
#5Narcissistic Voyeur
#6Satisfied [CD-exclusive remixed version]
has lyrics

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