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Aquila by Holy Tide

From their Bandcamp page:

HOLY TIDE music is based on classical Heavy and melodic Metal, paired with Progressive elements and a pinch of Classical Music, all combined with catchy melodies, exciting arrangements and high technical qualities.
Definitely “Aquila” is a musical kaleidoscope of melodies, great arrangements and strong musical structures performed by great musicians following the paths of bands like Rhapsody Of Fire, Iron Maiden, Manowar.
A tidal wave is about to hit you!
released June 28, 2019

Record label: My Kingdom Music
Guitars recorded at Rroooar Sound Studio in Sassari, Italy
Vocals, Bass, Harp, Trumpet and Oud recorded at Studio35 in Cava De' Tirreni, Italy
Engineered by Giovanni Paglioli
Drums recorded at CapsaArx studio, Birmingham, UK
Mixed and Mastered: by Gustavo Scaranelo
Line-up: Joe Caputo - bass; Fabio Caldeira - vocals; Gustavo Scaranelo - guitars; Michael Brush - drums
All guitars played by Kris Laurent
- Guest vocals on "Lamentation" by Tilo Wolff; Hammond on "The Shepherd's Stone" by Don Airey; Harp on "Curse And Ecstasy" and "The Crack Of Dawn" by Assunta Caputo; Trumpet on "Curse And Ecstasy" by Gabriele Stotuti; Oud on "Return From Babylon" by Peppe Frana; Speaking voice on "Sunk Into The Ground" by Patricia Klein Caputo; Orchestrations by Nico Falco
Artwork: by Biagio D'Alessandro
Layout by Francesco Palumbo at MKM Graphix
HOLY TIDE logo by Angelo Ciliento
Band photo by Valerio D'Amato

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