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Renaissance By Death (Vinyl LP) by Betrayal

For fans of Believer, Deliverance, Slayer, Exodus, Overkill, Testament, Tourniquet, The Crucified, Detritus,
Marcus N. Colon - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, BGVs
Matt Maners - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Chris Ackerman - Lead Vocals
Jeff Lain - Bass Guitar
Brian Meuse - Drums
Renaissance By Death
The Invitation
Fallen Deceived
More Faith Than Me
Escaping the Altar
Assassins In the Midst
Mortal Flesh
Stroll Thru a Wicked Age
Prophets of Baal
Plead the Blood
BONUS TRACK - Fear Be Gone (Single) - Not on Original Album.
BONUS TRACK - Fallen Deceived (Industrial Remix)


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