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Trees and Pretty Things (concept compilation) by Wales Road

A concept based compilation release, both musically and lyrically. In terms of the former, Wales specifically chose material that draws upon a strong blues influence, whether hard rock and metal or that of an acoustic to pop based variety. From standpoint of the latter, he breaks the album into two separate sections, with the first entitled “Dirt” and exclusive to songs about broken relationships, struggles and loneliness, and second entitled “Paved” to highlight more evangelistic and edifying lyrics.

Track Listing (“Dirt”): “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” (3:58), “Pretty Obvious” (5:54), “Hand Me Down Blues” (3:58), “Pieces Of Poetry” (4:17), “She Is All” (3:06), “Glimpse” (4:58), “Tearful” (1:47), “This Side Of Eternity” (3:55)

Track Listing (“Paved”): “Purple Heart, Silver Cross” (5:55), “A Love Song To My King” (3:07), “I Need You” (4:44), “Mercy Cry” (4:09), “What I Need” (3:25), “Broken Train” (1:27), “Have Mercy” (2:37), “Early In The Mornin’” (2:05), “Just As If” (3:36), “Spoken Words” (:25), “Help Me Jesus” (4:58), “Trees & Pretty Things” (3:00), “You” (5:46)


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