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Catalytic Conversion (demo) by Catalyst

Side 1:
Long Way Home (on Youtube)
The Difference
All the Way
Steal My Heart Away (on Youtube)

Side 2:
Lord Warrior – Victim of Abortion
Countdown – All Systems Go
Countdown – Crystal Eyes
Most High – Right Where You Are (on Youtube)
Remnant – Cut to the Heart
Legacy – Live It

Keyboard-based heavy metal that leans towards the pop metal side. Bands like TNT and White Lion were making this kind of metal popular at the time. It seems that the members of the band like to trade off doing lead vocals and sometimes lead guitar, so the music does feel a bit inconsistent because of that. Also, half the songs here are ballads. The interesting thing about this tape is that side 2 is a collection of 6 songs by 5 other bands from Ohio. It’s kind of like they are trying to promote other bands in the area as well, which is a cool idea. Those bands are Lord Warrior (groovy blues hard rock), Countdown (2 songs of keyboard light rock), Most High (sleaze metal), Remnant (slightly progressive keyboard rock), and Legacy (keyboard-based metal).


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