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History by Xalt

Pure Metal/Star Song release: SSD8169
UPC: 054438816924

released on Pure Metal Records in cooperation with Star Song.

Scott Dorfler - Lead Vocals
James Erdman - Guitars
Randy Carlson - Bass

Produced by Tony Miceli
Executive Producer: Dez Dickerson
Co-Produced and Engineered by Paul Orofino
Recorded and Mixed at Millbrook Sound Studios, Millbrook, NY
Mastered at SAE Digital Mastering, Phoenix, AZ by Rober Seibel

Additional Musicians:
Tony Miceli - Keyboards
Steve Luongo - Drums
Pierre LeHenuff - Bass on "Unconditional Love"
Dave Kneupper - String Arrangement on "Unconditional Love"
Background Vocals - John Heald, Tony Miceli, Scott Dorfler

Professional Credits: Ken Hoover & Zion Guitars, Alesis & folks, Everyone at Laney!, Jim Bonis at ART & Buck "Powerplant" Brundage at Creative Couch Services, Labella Strings, Marshall Music.

Art Direction: Toni Thigpen
Design: Dale Wehlacz for The Zebra Group
Photography: Russ Harrington
Manageme: Rick Brockner, 2nd Adam Management


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Standing (4:02)

I recall the night You came to me
Your Word, it came alive
To build a fire in my heart
You spoke the word and worlds were formed
You sent Your Son, a sacrifice
To bridge the gulf that kept apart

Standing on the promises
The voice of God lives in my heart
Standing, I'm standing on the promises of God
Standing on the promises
The word of God lives to my soul
Standing, I'm standing on the promises of God

Through your word I learned of Abraham
He was willing to give his son
Knowing, in faith, You'd see him through
How I long to have faith like this
To never doubt, just believe
Lord I want an unbending faith in You

Standing, I'm standing on the promises of God

Hebrews 11:2 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

Copyright 1991 Xalt

#2Heart of Stone4:32
#3Babel Again3:45
#4Walk Away3:07
#5Unconditional Love5:02
#7Build My World4:30
#8The Tree4:30
#10Lord, Lord1:25
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