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Unleashed by D.O.G. (Discples of God)

How about some killer Christian Metal in the vein of Metallica or Motorhead? If that sounds like its something up your alley you’re gonna want to check out the newest addition to the Roxx Records roster! D.O.G. or Disciples Of God was started as a true ministry based band out there playing anywhere and everywhere they can to spread God’s word through heavy metal!

As much as the band would probably not like you to say this you could classify this release as a Christian Metal Super Group! When you have pro players like Terry Russell of Holy Soldier and Neon Cross on drums and singing lead vocals as well as Larry Farkas of Vengeance Rising and Die Happy on guitars along side Don Webster of Neon Cross on guitar and lastly featuring the bass talents of Terry’s son Colton Russell on bass one might say it’s got a bit of that going on here. BUT, the sound here is something completely different then all the aforementioned bands, this music is on the straight up heavy metal side with vocals from Terry tending to sound a little like a cross between Lemmy and James Hetfield.

Check out the first single and brand new lyric video courtesy of Kruse FX titled ‘No One Rides For Free’ off the debut album ‘Unleashed’…

You will want to pick this up as it is a special
one time pressing of only 300 pieces on CD featuring 8 brand new tracks to rock you all the way to Heaven’s door!

Track Listing:

1. No One Rides For Free
2. Seeking Your Face
3. Pay The Piper
4. Into Thin Air
5. Aliens and Strangers
6. Armageddon
7. Life or Death
8. Hey You


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#1No One Rides for Free
#2Seeking Your Face
#3Pay the Piper
#4Into Thin Air
#5Aliens and Strangers
#7Life or Death
#8Hey You
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