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In the Name of the Son by Enzo And The Glory Ensemble

01. Waiting for the Son
02. The Tower of Babel
03. Luke 1:28
04. Psalm 8
05. Glory to God
06. Psalm 133
07. Magnificat
08. Isaiah 53
09. Matthew 11:25
10. The Trial
11. Eternal Rest
12. Te Deum
13. If Not You


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oldschooldoom The Warhead

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Nov 5, 2017 09:28:34 AM
Awesome musical journey! This took forever to arrive from Italy , but it was well worth the wait! I felt a bit disappointed by the first installment "In the Name of the Father" as I felt it was well done , but a bit disjointed. Needed more metal... Well , that was then , this is NOW... Enzo , who himself is a top shelf talent , has once again assembled a stellar cast: Gary Wehrkamp ,Mark Zonder , Ralf Sheepers, Marty Friedman and many others. This cd is truly a masterpiece that interweaves elements of progressive metal , symphonic passages , ethnic flavours , and even touches on operatic moments . I must confess , I have always thought that PART of opera's "problem" was that their PANTS WERE TOO TIGHT!! (I am both unwilling and unable to help with THAT!!) So ,lets just say I am NO FAN OF OPERA (except for Atomic Opera) ! This cd is a near perfect blend of all the aforementioned elements , and then some. Part Shadow Gallery , part Amaseffer , part Iona , part Harry Gregson -Williams (Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack) ,part opera, all godly... Male and female lead vocals , powerful , precise instrumental passages , heart-rending worship and scripture , this has it all. Clocking in at over 67 minutes , with a tri-fold , glossy digipak with tremendous graphics and a 16 page booklet that includes lyrics , this is definitely at LEAST a top 10 for 2017. If you like adventurous, powerful , melodic metal in a format that will make your spirit soar , then snap this up! Don't worry , if you're *scratching your head* , like me, wondering just HOW something this immense, diverse AND cohesive could come to be , just remember : "With God , all things are possible" ! *I'll send you a coupon for "Head and Shoulders" just to be safe....
Nov 7, 2017 09:33:39 AM
^ Yeah, what he said!

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