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Three by The Corbans

Organic release: ORCD-9714
UPC: 602248971427
SPCN: 7-902-46076-1

Distributed by Pamplin Entertainment.

The Corbans
Aaron Kellar - bass Guitar
Sean Kellar - drums, percussion, background vocals
Wade Myers - vocals, guitars

Music by the Corbans
Lyrics by Wade Myers
Additional background vocals by Ken Mari

Produced by Ken Mari for Sonic Fish Productions and The Corbans
Executive Producer: Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. and Gary Randall
Engineered and mixed by Ken Mari
Recorded at Sonic Fish Studios, Scottsdale, Arizona
Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Brothers
Art direction and design: Mark Whiten, Whiten Design
Photography: Chad Hinderliter and Brent Thomas

For info and booking: 4636 W. Becker Lane, Glendale, AZ 85304 * (602) 934-6434

E-mail at: [email protected]

Colossians 3:16,17 is printed out under the CD tray (NIV).


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united in three (4:08)

Those with ears gather around and listen close
Unite yourselves with God the
Father, Christ and Holy Ghost
Open eyes look around and seek for truth
Live your lives full of passion
The kingdom's meant for you
Skeptics seek to undermine the day
When all will bow before the Father
This is what they'll say

They'll say hey, why do you listen?

Open arms gather around the broken souls
Edify the wounded soldiers and
Mend the battle clothes
Be on your guard, for Satan's in the dark
Hide yourselves from sinful living
And consecrate your heart
Many look, are blind and cannot see
Help them see the light of Heaven and the One
Who sets them free

And they'll say hey, why do you listen?

I lay myself before your feet
Command and I will go
Someday our eyes will meet
My love for you I'll show
Brothers hear these words I sing through song
Live your lives full of passion
For the glory of our Lord
Sisters seek, through kindness spread the Word
The mute shall speak, the deaf shall hear, the
Truth loudly is heard

Copyright 1997 The Corbans

#3numb and senseless3:39
#4united in three4:08
#6Hetty Green4:22
#8the onlly real thing3:51
#10like a thorn8:18
has lyrics

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