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K.T.V.Z. (demo) by Ken Tamplin

This is the VERY RARE PROMO K.T.V.Z. (Ken Tamplin & Van Zen) DEMO CASSETTE TAPE from 1991, made INDEPENDENTLY, made in USA. (no catalog #) 5 tracks:
1. Mystery Train (ended up on Tamplin album in 1993)
2. "Livin" (aka Livin For My Lord?)- from An Axe to Grind
3. Media Mania (ended up on Soul Survivor album)
4. Straight Between the Eyes (from An Axe to Grind)
5. I Hear Crying (from An Axe to Grind)
might be demo versions or alt. mixes! christian metal/hard rock from Ken (Shout, Joshua, Magdallan), and Scott Van Zen (worked some with Kiss)!


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