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Behold the Mankind by S91

1. The Cry of Life 07:06
2. Wandering Souls 04:20
3. Slaves and Kings 05:52
4. The Calling 06:24
5. Blind Revolutions 05:52
6. The Son of God 06:20
7. Sacrificed 07:06
8. The Bloody Revelation 09:39


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The Warhead

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Feb 26, 2017 01:59:32 PM
An excellent symphonic , progressive , melodic metal opus! A huge step forward from their debut full length release , Volonta Legata , which featured 3 female lead vocalists and several songs in Italian. A solid release in its own right , but "Behold" takes the band to a new level. Reducing the format to a single female lead vocalist , augmented by male accompaniments , this album , to me , is an epic disc. Normally , extended mellow songs/segments prompt me to the skip button . Here , however, even the mellow , atmospheric , piano-led orchestrations sound awesome. Epic , visual , twisting and turning ,the music ebbs and flows within a continuous whole. With enough melody and emotion to keep you hooked till the heavier parts kick in , this is a fantastic CHRISTIAN disc and the lyrics take you on a spiritual journey. It doesn't hurt that unsung hero and rising star Francesco Romeggini (of Saqcredfice "fame" ) handles the guitars and throws in some of those aforementioned male vocals. This one was fighting amongst the top 5 of my personal faves for 2016 and would be right up there in 2017 , had I not received this last year (on CHRISTmas eve , at that! ) . If you enjoy female fronted symphonic metal you NEED this badly!

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