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The Aftermath of Lies by Tribulance

1. Oblivious 04:29
2. Conflict 04:37
3. The Aftermath of Lies 04:16
4. Betray 03:18
5. Initiation 04:37
6. Deny the Pain 03:43
7. Cause and Effect 03:32
8. Enamored 05:44
9. Walk the Talk 04:52


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The Warhead

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Apr 29, 2017 12:48:58 PM
A juggernaut of a release! These guys are back after a 22 year (recorded) absence , and 'The Aftermath' is certainly going to land in the top 5 for the year without question! Unlike some reunions that feature only a remnant of the 'classic lineup' , 3 of 4 original members are back and have far surpassed their debut from 1995. Apparently, fire is back and it's burning out of control. The band's sound here is roughly like blending Forbidden , Sanctuary , and Sad Wings-era priest together and amping it up further. Observations: Excellent production values. Time changes. Vocals (Michael Vidal) tough as nails, yet capable of hitting the high notes . Bludgeoning ,creative riffing (Sal Flores). Bass (Gino Silva) that drives and fills in the bottom end . Drums (Brandon Lee) that thunder like they did before Charlie Brown's house-band set the template for 'modern heavy music' . Melody , varying tempos , and crushingly heavy , all at the same time! This is seriously heavy stuff , musically and lyrically . Not a weak song on the platter , this stands up to any band going today and from the live clips I've seen , Tribulance also puts on a powerful ,energetic live show. Compare them to who you will , but these guys stand out in the modern musical landscape like that gotee on my personal copy of the Mona Lisa! It's a caustic , cautionary tale of 'reap what you've sown' in a world gone astray. So , persevere , be strong in adversity and as for your own faults - own them . Now , come 5/5/2017 , go out and OWN IT!

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