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Jars of Clay by Jars of Clay

October 24, 1995


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Jun 14, 2016 09:22:46 AM
I graduated high school in 1995 so this is one of the many albums that played on rotation in my truck for several years. Music I have found can be very powerful and it meant a lot to me, especially in my youth. When Jars of Clay came onto the scene and my brother I believe brought them to my attention, I wasn't immediately a fan. Their musical style was a little "softer" if you will than many of the bands and albums I was listening too at the time. Regardless of their mainstream popularity they found with their song/video for Flood, I still didn't give them a lot of attention. However once I picked up their CD and gave them a chance, well what is the saying "the rest is history"?

One of the aspects I love so much about this album is the praise and worship aspect. I find that kind of odd for me to admit as I'm so tired of the songs that play on CCM radio (no offense to the artists, I'm just tired of hearing the same 10-15 songs on a daily basis). Like a Child and Love Song for a Savior are favorites of mine and anytime I hear them I can't help but sing along.

Recently my girls (5 and 6) have asked me to listen to some of my music while going to bed. Before this they would usually listen to a VBS CD or something similar. Well recently I randomly grabbed Jars of Clay off the shelf for them to listen to...and they loved it! They both have ears for Christian music and if the radio isn't on the local K-Love station they will quickly realize it and ask me or my wife to change the station!

While preparing this post and listening to the album again in it's entirety, the female vocals on Worlds Apart sounded hauntingly familiar. According to the liner notes it was Mancy Alan Kane, which oddly enough came up recently in my mix of music I listen to while traveling for work. Now I need to pull out one of her CDs again and give it a listen.

I've enjoyed giving this album another listen recently as it contains some really well thought, well written songs. I'm not sure why I never bought many of their other items outside of Much Afraid, but their debut album will be one that stays a part of my musical library.

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