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Ping Pong Over The Abyss by 77s


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May 27, 2017 10:16:41 PM
I have a vinyl copy. Saw them many times in the early 80's. excellent for its time.

Time Is Slipping Away ()

Today you may be young and free
But tomorrow's never guaranteed
What's seventy years
Compared to eternity

You say nobody's gonna run your life
But you could lose it any day or night
Where will you be
When they turn out the light

Look at me
Look at someone who struggled
Someone who struggled for years
Look at me
Look at someone who struggled
Are you gonna waste the same tears

Time is slipping away
This could be your last day
Time is slipping away

You tell me that you don't got time
And then you work and slave for every dime
Just to get things
You know that you'll one day either lose
Or leave behind

You say you don't believe in fairy tales
But you keep looking for some holy grail
The cup that you need
Is made out of thorns and nails

Look at me
Look at someone with something
Someone with something that's real
You tell me
Are you someone with something you know
Or something you feel

Time is slipping away
Heaven's holding open its gates
Don't hold back because you're afraid
Someone's helping you
Someone's holding your hand today
What's gonna stand in your way

Copyright 1982 77s

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