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Sticks And Stones by 77s


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Pearls Before Swine ()

(Mike Roe)

He put it out
It meant nothing in the world to him so
He put it out
His hunger needed some attention so
He laid it out
Swapped it all for a bowl of pork and beans
And he got put out
Left for poor
By a man of means

Esau, you sod
You gave it away
Esau, you sought it with tears
Couldn't get it back again

She put it out
He put the heat on and she got too hot so
She put it out
Gives in a little
But she's giving him a lot and she lays it out
She's showing all her prized possessions to him and
She's putting out
She's swapping everything for what he's putting in but
Her lamp goes out
She didn't notice the light was growing dim and then
He goes out
And he takes everything that she had
With him

Tamar babe
You shoulda run away
Tamar babe
You saw it coming
Did you have to stay and play
Tamar babe!
Where was your head that day
Tamar, He took your best and left
You left it too late
Too late
Too late
Too late
Too late

Ashes for your veil
Ashes for your veil
Veil of ashes
Veil of ashes
Veil of ashes

Copyright 1990 77s

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