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In His Service (Box Set) by Leviticus

LEVITICUS - IN HIS SERVICE: 35th ANNIVERSARY (4 CD + 1 DVD) Swedish Import Box Set

2016 - the hard rock group Leviticus celebrates its 35th anniversary with several festival appearances in Europe throughout 2016.

Simultaneously in celebration this classic Christian metal outfit is about to release a Limited Edition box set:

35 Years Anniversary - In His Service contains all four full-length plates that Leviticus has published and a live DVD from Bobfest 2003, which have not been previously released as DVD. The CD’s also includes several bonus tracks, remixes and live tracks from Bob celebration in 2003. The discs are re-mastered by Björn Stigsson.


I Shall Conquer CD remastered with one bonus track from Live at Bob Fest

The Strongest Power remastered with one bonus track from Live at Bob Fest

Setting Fire to the Earth remastered with two remixed bonus tracks

Knights of Heaven remastered with four remixed bonus tracks

Live at Bob Fest 2003 DVD

24 page booklet


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Jul 9, 2016 04:51:13 PM
This is a must have for Leviticus fans. The remastering of the albums is done very well by Bjorn. Nice packaging. Will be hard to get very soon

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