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Troglodyte Dawn by Troglodyte Dawn

Troglodyte Dawn is a band comprised solely of Randy Michaud, vocalist of Tykkus.

"Fallen World," is a song that could probably be labeled doom metal, having much in common with Saint Vitus or the first Black Sabbath record. The primitive guitar sound and raw recording actually add to the appeal of this song. "Redeemed" is a traditional worship song punched up with heavy guitars and crowd noise mixed in. "Longing" is a somber instrumental complete with crickets chirping. "Forever After" is a Black Sabbath cover, that musically sticks very close to the original. The lyrics, however, have been mostly changed. The original had very 'spiritual' lyrics, but Randy's version is straight up Christian. "Flower" returns to the more melancholy mood of the "Longing" with the worship attitude of "Redeemed."


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Mar 1, 2014 05:39:24 PM
This is not typical doom. This is a product of a brilliant minded artist holed up in his home studio. Combining elements of atmospheric, acoustic, worship and slow brooding metal.

The one truly doom metal song is a magnificent cover of the only Sabbath Christian song 'After Forever'. A well written and meaningful Christian song. If Trog could have kept his voice the same on the other songs as this one.
Applause tracks on song 3 adds.
Track 2 starts off with a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath vibe but quickly drops off.
Track 7 sounds like a foghorn made with digerdoos.
The intro and outro comprise 7 minutes of fluff. No, not the Sabbath song 'Fluff' but 7 minutes that could have been used otherwise.
Even though quite good, it is evident that this is a one man band.
A word to the doomsters, Christian music is sorely lacking quality TRADITIONAL doom metal. Kind of sad that Sabbath set the example with 'After Forever'.
Trog, rise from the ashes and fly. Be the Christian example of the greatest full-on doom metal band ever. You have it in you. Make us proud.
#2Fallen World9:28
#5Forever After5:55
#9Look On The Cross4:21
has lyrics

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