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1260 Days by Skald - in veum

From Rottweiler Records:

Skald In Veum are a dark and driving force with one mission: a violent and visceral baptism by way of complete immersion in brutalizing black metal. Skald In Veum exists for a simple purpose: baptism of the masses by intense and relentless metal, cutting through the hoards of the less-than-Holy with a keenly honed metallic blade forged in the frostiest and most barren winters Earth has to offer, yet ablaze with unbridled passion and unrelenting energy.

To say this re-lease is long awaited is an understatement. Fans worldwide have been longing for Skald In Veum to unleash their Swedish black metal compositions for public consumption.

Here it is.


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#1Ravens Over Lübenholz
#2Drunk with Tainted Blood
#4Eden Raped
#5Until My Head Rolls
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