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Augür by Darkening

Digital release, available at CD Baby and iTunes.


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Whispers in the Trees (7:52)

We all fell deep into your sins (and waiting for life to begin)
The tears so angrily bereave (to desecrate what you've foreseen)
Soar into derelict, vast confusion...
Fleet all the hope into those that listen

My claw marks on the side of the cellar;
my life is wearing thin
the animal inside, purging all

Ensnaring, Alluring
The nightfall

Whispers in the trees

Remembering, all the belongings of life
heeding the spell of my possession,
waking for only a sigh, and wading through water turned to blood
Surrounded, imprisoned, confined. Left to succumb to the void,

Wander the woods within dusk, part of the night - lost in time.

Gone inside
Regressing thoughts
Actions collide with selfishness...

We are robots of sin
purging all love left within

Ensnaring, alluring the darkness...
Gone inside, fleeting thoughts
of what was (what is)
Sacred, my blood runs black;
spilling upon the druid alters,
transfiguration of the beast...


Copyright 2015 Darkening

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