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Orationem by Orationem

Blisteringly fast and emotional black metal, with lyrics that are prayers to God.

6 tracks (no gaps between songs) with a 37:58 running time.


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To Be The Best Representation Of My Faith (5:52)

Beloved boundless and powerful God in heaven
I adore and love You
You have given me this life
And the free will to have my faith in You

I know I will make mistakes in my life
My emotions will be illogical
And I will unintentionally harm and offend others

I desire to be an example
To be the best representation of my faith
For everyone involved in my life

Please grant me the humility
To promptly admit my wrongdoings
And minimize the errors I will make

Copyright 2015 Orationem

#1I Come To You For Guidance6:00
#2To Be The Best Representation Of My Faith5:52
#3Your Glory And Power6:54
#4A Sense of Spirituality5:42
#5Your Teachings, Your Love8:04
#6Sacred and Blessed Are You5:26
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