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Orationem by Orationem

Blisteringly fast and emotional black metal, with lyrics that are prayers to God.

6 tracks (no gaps between songs) with a 37:58 running time.


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I Come To You For Guidance (6:00)

Dear great and merciful Father
I forever praise Your name
I come to You for guidance
For all the choices I must make in this life

Please give me the understanding
To make the best decisions
For my friends and family
So I can be an asset to them
To best do Your will

I wish to base all my choices
On Your infinite wisdom
As You know what’s best for me
And can do for me what I cannot do for myself

Copyright 2015 Orationem

#1I Come To You For Guidance6:00
#2To Be The Best Representation Of My Faith5:52
#3Your Glory And Power6:54
#4A Sense of Spirituality5:42
#5Your Teachings, Your Love8:04
#6Sacred and Blessed Are You5:26
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