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He's Not Dead by Sin Dizzy


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Aug 12, 2014 08:05:04 PM
Listening to this on it's own merits, it is quite good. It is chock full of Godly lyrics and very good music.

I just expected more from a band fronted by one of the most well known Christian shredders. Oz Fox is a competent vocalist as evidenced way before this release. He fronted Stryper during MS's absence. Just wished that his talents were showcased more. Could use more songs like 'Hebrew Kings' for the next time the Stryper members part ways. Of all the separate projects the Stryper members have pursued, I prefer this (until Robert hooked up with Bill Menchen).
#1He's Not Dead
#2I Gave It All To Him
#3Psalm 23
#4Enter Me
#5Sacred Blood
#6Back In Time
#7Rise Above
#8Long Way To Heaven
#9When The Son Comes Back
#10Hebrew Kings
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