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Of Beauty and Rage by RED

Shadow and Soul
Darkest Part
Fight to Forget
Of These Chains
Falling Sky
The Forest
Yours Again
What You Keep Alive
Gravity Lies
Take Me Over
The Ever
Part That's Holding On


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Mar 1, 2015 07:46:57 PM
I don't NOT like it, but it just seems so tame and drags - never gaining energy or employing any hooks or choruses. The songs just kind of keep a mid-tempo and plodding moving forward with nothing that really grabs and keeps me, unlike their last album which was loaded with everything one is missing. Lots or people did not like "Release the Panic" but I thought it was fabulous. This one kind of leaves me feeling flat - unlike any previous album they've done. Maybe it will grow more on me, but after a few days and listens, it has done little to nothing.

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