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Broad is the Gate by Saint

Featuring new comers vocalist Brian Phyll Miller and Christian Metals newest guitar legend Mathew P. Smith.

1. Broad Is the Gate 04:13
2. Hero 03:20
3. We All Stand 03:44
4. Demon Pill 02:36
5. We Will Fight 03:54
6. Who You Are 04:08
7. Reach the Sky 02:25
8. Never Same 05:16
9. Metal Cross 01:43 instrumental


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MikeInFla fishingd Pendragon oldschooldoom zoe777 Bgsully

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Jan 8, 2015 07:32:52 AM
Excellent release from Saint featuring new vocalist Brian Miller. Not a bad track on this album but it is rather short, clocking in at less than 40 minutes. Metal Cross would have been a bit better if it hit the 3:30 mark. Not a bad track on this album at all.

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