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Give Us Barabbas by The Blamed

Tooth & Nail release: TND1221

From Dr. Industrial:
Band Members:
Bryan Gray Keyboards, Guitars
Matt Switaj Lead Vocals, Guitars, Clarinet
Christopher Wiitala Bass Guitar, Piano
Trevor Wiitala Drums

Additional Musicians:
Hilde Bialach
Marko Hautakoski
Arve Paulson
Shek Yi Chu
Pat Fallon

Production Information:
Blamed, The Recorded @ Wilson Studios
Ed Bialach Recorded @ Wilson Studios
Greg Norman Recorded @ Electrical Audio
Mastered @ John Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA
Blamed, The Mixed @ Wilson Studios
Ed Bialach Mixed @ Wilson Studios
Greg Norman Mixed @ Electrical Audio

"Given the amount of ground the Blamed have covered musically, Give Us Barabbas is a milestone in their career and makes one wonder exactly where they can progress to next. Who needs perfection when you have this album? There is something endearing about the few shortcomings it has. The ugly side of punk - without pretense - is such a beautiful thing." - John Sant, Fine Print Magazine


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