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Songs From November by Neal Morse

1. “Whatever Days”
2. “Heaven Smiled”
3. “Flowers In A Vase”
4. “Love Shot An Arrow”
5. “Song For The Free”
6. “Tell Me Annabelle”
7. “My Time Of Dying”
8. “When Things Slow Down”
9. “Daddy’s Daughter”
10. “Wear The Chains”
11. “The Way Of Love”


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zoe777 Pendragon

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Nov 28, 2016 02:47:11 PM
I LOVE THIS ALBUM! Yes, I love Neal's prog stuff - this ain't prog. I love Neal's praise stuff - this ain't praise. This is straight forward, commercial smooth mild rock. The harmonies are amazing, the lyrics are touching and heart felt, and this album has found multiple repeated plays in my way-too-large of a music collection. A range of styles is found here, with an occasional sound with horns, others with choirs or heavenly vocals, an occasional steel guitar country feel, and other just a man and his guitar or piano. I won't say there is any really new sound presented here, as any fan of Neal's knows his albums have a wide range of styles (especially things like Testimony and Testimony 2), but the difference here is this is a whole album of the non-prog smooth and fun songs that appear on his heavier prog releases. This album really touched me lyrically and musically, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a heart, especially if you have an ear for beautiful tunes in a variety of styles.

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