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Warriors Of The Son [30th Anniversary Edition] by Saint

This 2014 30th Anniversary Edition is a reissue of the 2004 re-recorded Warriors of the Son - digitally remastered by J. Powell at Steinhaus, and displaying extravagant new artwork provided by Gregory Hays.

01 Plan II
02 Legions Of The Dead
03 Abyss
04 Warriors Of The Son
05 Vicars Of Fate
06 Time's Wasting
07 The Killers And The Destroyers
08 The Reaper


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MikeInFla Dan Marsh

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Jan 8, 2015 07:31:17 AM
Remastered version of the Re-recorded 2004 version of Warriors Of The Son. Contains 2 bonus tracks on the end that were written during the time of the original album but left off the original release due to budget. A pretty good sounding disc, I think I prefer this release over the original. However, the drum tracks are a little on the week side and don't have the pounding thunder of later releases (they used an electric drum set on this recording). Regardless it is a pretty solid release.

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