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2007 Rehearsal Demos by Ancient Fortress

Oldschool rehearsal black metal demo's from New Zealand. Raw unrelenting noisy black metal with fitting atmospheric artwork from Drawnsword. This demo is released on black tapes with pro printed covers limited to 20 copies. Comes with an A4 lyrics sheet.

A1 War Of The Winter Dusk 9:26
A2 Consider The Ravens 6:53
A3 Thy Throne Is Esablished From Of Old 5:39
A4 Where Their Worm Dieth Not And Their Fire Is Not Quenched 6:59
A5 Ancient Fortress 6:36
B1 Northward 3:33
B2 Triumphant Mort Resurrectus 8:08
B3 Lamentations Of A Godly Sorrow 8:54
B4 Nocturnal Beseechment 8:14
B5 The Sun Hath Grown Black 8:13


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