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The Vow by Liberty n' Justice

This is it...the final curtain call for the melodic hard rock band, Liberty N Justice. Band founder, bass player, and song writer, Justin Murr, has stated that he is closing this chapter of his musical life. In doing so, he is taking Liberty N Justice back to where it came from, as a band, and not an all-star project. Sure, there are still some guest appearances, but the singers are there to add background vocals, not to be lead singers.

Justin Murr--Bass
JK Northrup--Guitars
David Cagle--Vocals
Eric Ragno--Keyboards
Michael Feighan--Drums

Forever Starts Tonight (featuring Gunnar Nelson of NELSON)
For Sure Thing (featuring Kelly Keeling of BATON ROUGE)
Honeymoon Is Over (featuring Richard Kendrick)
That's Gonna Leave A Mark
Every Night She Cries
Promises To God (featuring Fergie Ferguson of TOTO)
Pucker Up (featuring Richard Kendrick)
Sting Of Her Kiss (featuring Louis St. August of MASS)
Two Or More
Another Goodbye
Prince Charming In Disguise (featuring Gunnar Nelson)


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