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Hi-Fi Demonstration Record by Wondergroove

HI-FI DEMONSTRATION RECORD is good, fun rock and roll music masterfully performed. The vocals are easy to listen to and the album is quite experimental and innovative. If you are tired of the same old, same old on today’s daytime Christian radio, check this album out. It will renew your interest in music again. It is an album that is full of life and promise!

1. Down To The Water 2. Postcards From Heaven 3. One Man 4. The Arms Of Morpheus 5. Morning Glory 6. She Knows It 7. I Want It All 8. Then You're Gone 9. What Am I Looking For 10. First Kiss Of Love 11. The Long Road Bonus Tracks: 22. Down To The Water (Larry Norman Mix) 23. I Want It All (Larry Norman Mix) (Tracks 12 through 21 are silent. Tracks 22 and 23 feature Larry Norman on vocals)


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