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Germany by The Blamed

Grrr release: GRRR 91400

Credits: Artwork By [Layout] - Christian Wargo , Kevin Bish
Performer - Bryan* , Christopher* , Matt* , Trevor*
Photography - Kevin Bish
Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By - Ed Bialach*

Notes: Produced, recorded and mixed at Tone Zone Studios, Chicago IL.


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we protest because
we're afraid of not feeling guilty
for wanting to buy into
the standard order of things
we yell and scream for a better way
confusion is chaos
such is life
my union of double standards
who draws the line
for the people
buy the people
i'm disgusted with myself
for being bought and feeling used
paid with the price of selfishness and convenience

Copyright 2000 The Blamed

#3Running Away Can Be An Ugly Thing
#4Darkness Is So Unforgiving
#5Last Time I Do This For The First Time
#6This Is It
#7At Last We Will Have Revenge
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