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The Transatlantic Demos by Neal Morse

The Transatlantic Demos is an album of demo tracks by Neal Morse. Released in 2003, at the suggestion of Mike Portnoy, Neal put together a disc of demos and a few clips from his hand held cassette recorder from as far back as 1992 and up into 2000. The material was later rewritten and recorded by supergroup Transatlantic on their first two albums, SMPT:e and Bridge Across Forever.

1. "Hanging in the Balance" 18:01
2. "Working on Mystery Train (on a bus)" 1:46
3. "We All Need Some Light" 5:23
4. "Dance with the Devil" 9:01
5. "Working on Piano Solo in "All of the Above"" 0:53
6. "Bridge Across Forever" 4:48
7. "Full Moon Rising" 22:34


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Aug 11, 2014 10:46:32 PM
Not the typical prog rock/prog metal fluff filled lyric songs. These lyrics offer hope, reflection, and glimpses of God.

Track 2 was recorded with a portable cassette machine while jamming on a bus leaving Detroit.
Track 4 is quite catchy with pretty deep meanings about the consequences of making the wrong choices.
Track 5 is a piano rehearsal
Track 6 beautiful song with a double meaning
Track 7 is nearly 22 minutes. I am always amazed by NM, Transatlantic, and other progressive bands that can coordinate transitions flawlessly in super long songs. Not to mention memorizing the lyrics.

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