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Soak Your Brain by Lovewar


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Aug 10, 2014 05:56:32 PM
"Take a swim in the truth, soak your brain"

This should appeal to fans of later Guardian era. I actually prefer this over 1995+ Guardian. There is some very catchy songs making this highly listenable. Sadly this band was short lived otherwise they should have gone further. Perhaps they were too late for the heyday of classic Christian rock/metal? FYI, the bass player Rick Armstrong came from Whitecross.

"Immerse yourself in the sea of His face"
#1Soak Your Brain
#2Golden Rule
#3Take Me
#4Welling Up
#5Space And Time
#6You Win
#7Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff
#8In the Sea
#9Just The Same
#10You Are Not Alone
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