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David & Goliath…The Musical by Glass Hammer

1. They cried out for a King!
2. *King of Kings
3. Have you seen our brother David?
4. *Eliab's Anger - The Way Of Things
5. *Then Shammah said
6. Happy hunting little brother!
7. *Fear And Trembling
8. On the road with Samuel
9. *Samuel's Fear And Trembling
10. Zeru tells Jesse
11. *Jesse's Anger
12. A prophet comes to Bethlehem
13. *Three Sons Of Jesse
14. David arrives
15. *The Anointing - Let Us Praise Him
16. A haunted King
17. *Shadow, Shadow
18. David meets King Saul
19. *The Singer
20. I'm going to the battle?
21. *Faith
22. David at the front
23. *Eliab's Anger Revisited
24. David gets mad
25. The King's tent
26. Five stones
27. *David and Goliath
28. David's victory
29. A meeting on the battlefield
30. *Epiphany


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Aug 1, 2014 11:17:03 PM
Here is an album for the whole family. 73 minutes & 30 short tracks tell the biblical story of David & Goliath through music, narration, humor and sound effects. The musical highlight is when David plays his 'harp' for the kids. Those familiar with the story should know the narrative highlights.

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