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Promise Land by Giant

1. Believer (Redux)
2. Promise Land
3. Never Surrender
4. Our Love
5. Prisoner of Love
6. Two Worlds
7. Plenty of Love
8. Through My Eyes
9. I'll Wait For You
10. Dying To See You
11. Double Trouble
12. Complicated Man*


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Aug 16, 2014 06:06:22 PM
This is in the vault because the other Giant releases are in the vault because 2 members were previously in White Heart. Dan Huff now only plays guitar on 2 songs and brother David Huff no longer sings either. I'll quickly interject that the replacement vocalist Terry Brock does a fine job. Like the other Giant albums, most songs are about relational romance. This, like their other albums are not Christian releases. With a casual listen, words like 'Israelites' (Promise Land) and 'Jesus' (Our Love) might suggest otherwise.

On it's own, this is an album done well. It should received major airplay on the mainstream classic rock stations. Most songs have an attention getter opener and nice break through guitar work. The last 2 songs are the standout rockers.

Track 1 is my dramatically different version of my favorite Giant song 'I'm a Believer'. I miss the catchy original.

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