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Well Adjusted by Beanbag

'Free Signal' was mostly rap/hardcore, but the guys totally revamped their sound for the new album. There are traces of a hardcore past, but for the most part this sounds like a whole new band. Lead singer Hans almost totally drops the rap sound and sings his way through "Well Adjusted", showing off some powerful vocal chords and a flare for the dramatic. They introduced elements of an industrial sound in the first CD, and played it heavy in concert, mixing in all kinds of drum tracks and a variety of guitar pedals for a concert experience that would make the most conservative Christian want to jump in the mosh pit. This album takes that aspect to a whole new level and even adds a slight "goth" appeal in a few of the songs. "Well Adjusted" is a well written album, with a unique sound, but not at all what I was expecting when I first got it. It's beautifully orchestrated, flawlessly mixed, and makes me drool at the prospect of watching them play these songs on stage! It rocks, but if you don't have a flare for the ... foreign ... then you might not like it. "Well Adjusted" is Beanbag growing up."-Christian Rock Radio

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