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On Hallowed Ground by Stairway

was a bit apprehensive about this album mostly due to the fact that I was not a fan of the band's "Bleeding Heart" CD. However, a friend bought "Hallowed Ground" and played me a few tracks. While the band has stayed true to their style from discs past, they have improved their songwriting and production quite a bit. "On Hallowed Ground" is British heavy metal with some powerful and emotional lyrics. Each and every song, seems to have a spirit of worship to the Almighty, which really attracted me to this disc and kept me listening. Within the first two days of owning the disc I had already played it three times. For the most part, the music contained herein stays within the mid-paced heavy metal mode, but there are also a few brushes with some blues riffing, as well as a couple of ballads. Stairway don't seem concerned with being flashy or showing off their technical abilities, but instead they put an emphasis on emotion and thoughtful lyrics.


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#1Under The Gun
#4Deo Volente (Thy Will Be Done)
#5Stop The Pain
#6Silent Dreams
#8The Sky Is Beautiful
#9Foolish Heart
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