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Concept Of Irony by The Autumn League

Concept of Irony is the debut album by Sydney (Australia) based band The Autumn League. From the subtle ambience of 'Weightlessness' to the atmospheric onslaught of 'Lament', the album takes the listener on an epic journey through a vast soundscape.

Experimenting with thick, lush textures Concept of Irony rides a wave of emotions, as exemplified in the dense lyrical content. Conventional metal trademarks are never too far away, with blasting kicks and searing growls taking the energy levels to their peak... yet when it's time to come down, Concept cascades rather than crashes, segueing into new sonic landscapes. At 15 tracks and a tweak over one hour in length, a journey into the Concept of Irony is one well worth taking.

Track Listing:

1) The Hour is at Hand
2) A Flame Within
3) Hope & Despair
4) Lament
5) We the Redeemed
6) Change
7) State of the Soul
8) The End of Enmity
9) Homeward
10) Nightingale
11) Weightlessness
12) These Remain
13) Vow
14) Epilogue
15) The View From Here [Bonus Track]


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