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Rage of Angels by Rage of Angels

Regency Records release SPCN790-082-2151 (UPC 035711221512)
Release in cooperation with R.E.X. records.

Rumor has it that Doug Mann didn't actually produce the record as listed, that it ended up being John & Dino Elefante that stepped up in the 11th hour to handle production duties.


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Aug 8, 2014 10:21:54 PM
The lyrics are 100% Christian, just wish the band was too back then. They sure could write some of the catchiest songs to grace Christian rock.

Reason to Rock (3:54)

Hey-there standing all alone,
Won't you listen to me.
Got message and it's it's coming your way,
For the whole world to see.

"Got a reason,
Got a reason.
Reason to rock."

Fallen angel hard to see,
Laughing in my face.
You'd better wake up cause in due time,
I'm gonna leave this place

"Got a reason,
Got a reason.
Reason to rock."

So, let me tell you for your own good,
It's gonna leave you in shock.
Christ is the reason you live,
And he's the one way to rock.

"Got a reason,
Got a reason.
Reason to rock."

Copyright 1989 Rage of Angels

#1Leave You or Forsake You2:54
#2Reason to Rock3:54
#3It's Not Late For Love4:33
#4Somebody's Watching You3:54
#5Hooked on a Good Thing4:18
#6Do You Still Believe In Love4:17
#7Rock for The Rock4:42
#8Are You Ready for Thunder4:11
#9Don't Give Up4:09
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