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Punk Never Dies Vol. 1 by VARIOUS

Indie Vision Music proudly presents their first ever Punk Rock free digital compilation titled “Punk Never Dies Vol. 1″ launching for Free Today! This compilation is split into 2 files to make for easier downloading. The 2 files will start in alphabetical order so you must download the 2 files if you want to hear the entire thing (and every song/band). Each file is approximately 175MB.

I am so proud to be presenting bands as diverse as The Altar Billies, which feature legendary singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Stand who helped inspire a whole generation of punk rockers with his time in The Altar Boys, to Mxpx who helped usher in a new era of “punk rock” in the 90′s that wasn’t afraid to have a good time and still wear “faith” on it’s sleeve, to Dogwood who singer Josh Kemble declared “My Faith in you will never die….” and on to a whole new crop of bands that will hopefully re-establish what it means to be punk rock and inspired by Faith, here in 2011.

Get it here for free:


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