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Tribute to the Past by Treasure Seeker


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Mar 21, 2014 12:45:22 AM
I could actually exist on just this one CD for quite awhile. This one-off mighty covers band only contributes the title track but covers many of their favorite Christian bands well. Cool to hear a power/speed metal version of songs I have heard uncountable times in their original version. I especially like what they've done with one of Rez's heavier songs. I can barely detect 'Heroes' as a Bride song. The last song by Creed is the only song from a German band and the only song to feature one of the members of Treasure Seeker.
#1A Tribute To The Past
#2Too Late For Living (Saint)
#3To Hell With The Devil (Stryper)
#4Flames Of Fire (Leviticus)
#5Out Of The Darkness (Bloodgood)
#6Silent Screams (Rez)
#7Rebels Of Jesus Christ (Jerusalem)
#8Warriors Of Light (Force 3)
#9Heroes (Bride)
#10Meet Again (Creed)
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