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Overcome or Burn Forever in Hell/Arachnid Terror Sampler by VARIOUS

An EP by black metal band Paradox combined with a sampler album featuring fourteen different artists, released in 2002 by the band's own Tarantula Promotions label. Limited to five hundred copies, it contains two songs by Paradox, which were the final recordings of that band, along with a compilation of fourteen songs previously recorded by their respective artists. The album's musical style was described as extreme metal, with the various genres on the album falling under black metal, death metal, grindcore, deathcore, and doom metal. Apart from Paradox, the other artists represented on the album include Soul Embraced, Sanctifica, Frosthardr, Frost Like Ashes, Kekal, Pantokrator, and Tortured Conscience, among others. According to Paradox founder Michael "John Tarantula", the release was a result of his newsletter project, Fangs of Life, which he published through his Tarantula Promotions label.

Overcome or Burn Forever in Hell

"Overcome (Victory in Christ)"
"Burning Forever"

Arachnid Terror Sampler

Soul Embraced – "Unborn"
Sanctifica – "Red Alert"
Sorrowstorm – "Chanting the Last Passages"
Tortured Conscience – "Internal Torment"
Frosthardr – "Unhuman Morbid Fantasy"
Ganglia – "Suddenly Destroyed"
Oblivion – "Sovereign God"
Bleakwail – "Passionate Peace"
Encryptor – "Rebrutalization"
Frost Like Ashes – "Adorers of Blood"
Inversion – "Independence"
Kekal – "Mean Attraction"
Pantokrator – "Divine Light"
Stronghold – "Tears"


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Mar 19, 2014 09:47:44 PM
Scary Christian vocals set to some pretty cool metal, some pretty excellent metal. Thank Goodness for the non-death singing and/or spoken word found in the following tracks: 1,4,13 and 14.

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