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Altar Billies by The Altar Billies

The first release by Altar Billies is a toe tapp’n hoot-of-holler collection of songs that is sure to put a smile on yer face and a swing in yer step. From the first cut, “Against the Grain,” to the final twang of “The One” this project has more musical twists and turns than the winding roads found on the west side of the Appalachians.

1. Against the Grain 2:16
2. Calling to You 2:49
3. Where's it Gonna Lead ya? 3:23
4. The One 3:54
5. Listen Up 3:17
6. Live 2:55
7. Calling to You (Punktry Version) 2:49
8. Against the Grain (Live at Up From the Ashes) 2:16
9. Where's it Gonna Lead Ya? (Live at Orange Street Fair) 3:46
10. Live (Live at the Irvine Spectrum) 3:17
11. The One (Instrumental)


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Mar 16, 2014 09:14:53 PM
Leave it up to Mike Stand to come up with a new sub-genre PUNKTRY!

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