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We Are Not Ashamed by Lust Control


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Mar 1, 2014 05:47:51 PM

If You Fail ()

Failure is a four letter word
Thatís common to us all
Grace taken for granted
Until the time we fall
Godís not a cynic
And He doesnít take sin light
But to think He wonít forgive you
Is a thought from the night
When you fail to meet "the standard"
And feel like such a scum
Donít drop out and give up
Remember from where youíve come
Godís not quitting now
His work with you ainít done
In His eyes youíre worth
Every bit of His only Son

If you fail
Godís not through with you
Donít try and bail
Thereís confessing to do
Donít justify (your sin)
Or try and strike a deal
Repent and believe
Forgiveness is for real

Donít believe the lie
That you have to live by a norm (standard)
Why did Jesus die
If we still have to perform?
He took out failure on his back
And nailed it to the cross
The believerís rest is knowing this
And counting our strength as loss
Forgiveness is a promise
Made from God to man
He forgives and forgets
Like no one else can
You can believe youíre forgiven
And not forgive yourself
But if you donít apply the grace
It might affect your health

God leaves the ninety-nine
To seek and find the one
You may have blown it big time
Yet youíre still His son
You think when you return
A whipping you will find
But youíre thinking wrongly
A kiss is on His mind

Even if you betray Him
Thereís still hope for you
Share with a trusted brother
You know, heís fallen too
All of us are human
The wordís been truly spoken
God can really use us
When weíre on our knees and broken
So donít look to programs
Tongues, healing, or pretty things
Just reach out to Jesus
And the restoration He brings
Quit wallowing in you failure
And get yourself off your mind
God uses broken vessels
Theyíre His favorite kind

Copyright 1992 Lust Control

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