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We Are Not Ashamed by Lust Control


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Mar 1, 2014 05:47:51 PM

Delivance ()

Deliverance is a gift
That you can have tonight
It doesn’t have to be a freak show
‘Cause darkness hates the light
If you’re in defeat
And all bound up in sin
Jesus can set you free
If you call out on Him

Deliver me, Oh Jesus
You help is what I need
Lord, I repent
And you set me free indeed

Israel was a prisoner
In the promised land
Their enemies took over them
And made them slaves again
They turned away from God
Enemy nations He sent in
To chastise God’s people
And bring ‘em back again

Deliver us from our enemies
Your help is what we need
Lord, we turn to You
And You set us free indeed

Once you’re delivered
Be sure ‘n’ quench your thirst
Be filled with God’s Spirit
Or the last’ll be worse than the first
Church, we’re talking to you
Spiritual Israel, the real Jew
Open doors are open ground
For the enemy to walk in and over you

Deliver us from evil
Your Spirit’s what I need
We submit to You
And You set us free indeed

Copyright 1992 Lust Control

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