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We Are Not Ashamed by Lust Control


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Mar 1, 2014 05:47:51 PM

Speaking In Tongues ()

I wish you all spoke in tongues
I wish you all spoke in tongues
It edifies you, because itís good
When I pray in tongues
My spirit prays
When you pray in tongues
You know what happens?

Your spirit prays
Your spirit prays
Your spirit prays
Your spirit prays
Tongues is a gift, not a hammer
So donít hit me in the head
Itís not an idol to be bowed down and worshiped
Donít teach me how to speak in tongues
Donít tell me it passed away
When the apostles met the grave
Or say I need it to be saved
(Salvation) another gift God gave

Iím saved by grace
Iím saved by grace
Not by works
Iím saved by grace
(This is in the Bible!)
Tongues arenít a level of standard
Other believers have to meet
Theyíre for you and me
The Truth will set you free
The Perfect ainít in the Bible
ĎCause weíll see Him face to face
Disagree with us? Well, thatís okay
The Bible doesnít say we have to agreeÖ

Just trust
Just trust
Not unity of doctrine
Just trust!
(I Corinthians 12, 13, 14)

Copyright 1992 Lust Control

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