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We Are Not Ashamed by Lust Control


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Mar 1, 2014 05:47:51 PM

Mad at the Girls ()

Another Saturday afternoon at the mall
Trying to keep my mind on my job
But no! Here they come! Fresh out of school
They look so coolÖ and I feel hot
I hate this!

Mad at the girls Ė with their sexy smiles
Mad at the girls Ė mini-skirts are back in style
I want to control my lust
But my mind I cannot trust
Mad at the girls, mad at the girls
Mad at the girls, Iím mad at myself!

Iím a couch potato today
Just vegginí out in front of the tube
Iím safeÖBut no! There they are on my MTV!
I canít seem to change the channel
Iíve got troubles bud!

The legs Ė the hair
Iím caught in a snare
Satan has found my weakness
But greater is He who is in me
Than he who is in the girls!
(Matt 5:27-29)

Copyright 1992 Lust Control

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