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Fun Fun Feeling by Lust Control


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I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!

Jesus told us to go and make disciples of the lost. Are you out doing it or are you still counting the cost? There's a pain in His heart for the pain felt by you, but when others feel the pain, tell me...what do you do? You may feed the poor with a pious liberal walk, but the commission won't be obeyed until somebody talks. The life of a Christian is to witness and to share with the anointing of the Holy Ghost binding the prince of the air. When you're at lunch with your boss or in line at the store, do you talk about the weather or tell him something more? If we don't share the news and demonstrate His power, both of us will lose after the 12th hour. So, you sing in a band and share a message in a song. Is that all you do? If so, you've got it all wrong. We need to obey the great calling and preach the gospel to all lands, making disciples for the Master, letting 'em see His nail-scarred hands. Let the focus get off playing faster and our own little ministry bands. We're responsible for souls out there that need to be born again. I'm not living this out or sitting in a self-righteous pew. I've got to tell the truth...even when it hurts me too.

Copyright 1991 Lust Control

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